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CS Cargo Forwarders

Who We Are

CSC Forwarders is a planning, coordination, control and management company, with national and international experience in airfreight logistics. A member of the CARMI Logistics team, CC Forwarders provides integrated logistics services.
CC Forwarders has over 40 years of experience in handling international air and ocean freight, with a team of highly trained professionals to provide high-quality world service.

What We Do

  • We employ the best practices approach with our customers in order to assess their needs.
  • We collaborate to design a personalized strategy that will efficiently deliver their shipment from departure to destination with speed and efficiency.
  • We tailor the Best Practices Model to anticipate any issues that may arise and define the key indicators for logistics solutions.

Competitive Advantages

Through our professional approach, we pledge to deliver reliable, efficient and consistent service, ensuring that your shipment, whether regular or specialized, gets to its destination on time, every time. Trust our professionals to keep you informed of your shipment’s progress at all times so as to avoid extra costs, penalties, commercial damage and irreversible delays. Our guaranteed space agreement with most airlines reduces flight times, giving great delivery schedule for our shipments.
Our Best Practices Model requires technological development that allows the creation and management of dynamic data. We use electronic submission technology.

Our single supplier concepts offer the following benefits:

  • International coverage
  • Global Strategic Alliance with strategic IATA / CASS
  • International Forwarder
  • Better response times
  • Savings in Supply Chain
  • Appropriate Service Level
  • Lower total cost by combining a quality product and service required by the customer
  • Range of products based on needs of transit times at final destination (Express Service 7-24)
  • Measurement Service (KPIs) (BOS)
  • Sending news and updates regarding requirements for export-import origin and destination.
  • Special Logistics to each destination.
  • Delivery to any place in the world.
  • Competitive prices to our customers.
  • Immediate access to destination information with our global correspondent network.
  • Single vendor with solutions integrators (AA Forwarder, Warehousing).
  • Single service bill.
  • Electronic Data Interchange (E.D.I.).
  • We are an effective tool in foreign trade operations for our clients.
  • Ability to negotiate Spot rates for projects, charters, and cargo.
  • Advice on handling dangerous goods (DGR).
  • Taught courses in air and ocean freight.
  • Sale of packaging for hazardous material approved by the United Nations (UN) and U.S. DOT.
  • Efficient and Quick Customs Clearance.


  • Personalized service
  • On-time Pickups and delivery
  • Clear and continuous communication
  • Commitment in delivering the portfolio of products and services designed to provide a focused solution to your needs.

Services and benefits:

  • Cutting of neutral airway bill, cargo reception at our warehouse, prevention, electronic shipment tracking and delivery information
  • Extensive worldwide agents network
  • Competitive rates with direct routes to major cities of the world with major loading airlines and mixed flights
  • General and specialized door to door plane loading
  • Pickup, reception, and consolidation
  • Customs clearance at origin and at destination
  • Ability and time required for flight fulfillment
  • Pickup of any boarding of any size to export to any country in the world
  • We have agents on arrival who deliver directly to customers plants
  • Advice on handling hazardous material (DGR)
  • Taught courses in ocean and air freight Packaging for hazardous material sales, approved by the United Nations (UN) and U.S. DOT
  • We offer comprehensive solutions to your needs