Welcome to CARMI Logistics  |  Over 41 years of experience

CARMI Principles

• Respect

It is the essence of the working relations between us as providers and our clients.

• Quality

We capitalize on the most important aspects, there is no waste on resources, because we receive, use and provide supplies that meet or exceed the expectations of our clients.

• Responsibility

As a serious and responsible enterprise, each member of our experienced team responds with the know-how to execute their own goals and collaborate with our team to execute theirs. Our slogan is, “ How can we help you?”

• Mutual Understanding

Our communication is precise and succinct. We confirm if we have fully explained and that we are fully understood. First, we listen then explain.

• Teamwork

As a team, we attain clear and specific goals, share responsibilities and establish effective communication.

• Amiability

Our attitude manifests in enthusiasm on how we treat all our customers in our daily interaction, how it nurtures respect and promotes teamwork.

• Trust

Trust is everything; it’s that certainty that we give each customer to comply and keep them informed.