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We are your all-under-one-roof logistics provider, offering logistics integration services and customs clearance. 
  • Door to door logistic services.
  • Legal consultation & representation.
  • Inventory management and distribution.
  • Insurance contractors.
  • Development of integration of all kinds of reports that handles our database.
  • All found in the Catalogue of Best Practices Carmi Logistics.
  • Mexico & U.S. Customs Brokerage.
  • Ocean transport.
  • Air transport.
  • Ground/ Rail transport.
  • Shipment insurance.
  • Tariff studies for special duty programs such as:
    1. IMMEX
    2. Prosec
    3. Rule 8
  • Warehousing and Distribution.
  • SIGAC system allows for 24/7 web visibility with tracking, visibility, on demand information.



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