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The person is the most important being in the universe. Our customer is our real leader whom we respect and appreciate. We need to give and receive respect for our integrity as people in the customer-supplier symbiosis to get sustained fruits.


All staff is engaged in important and correct activities, there is no waste of resources or downtimes, because we only receive, execute and send a product that meets quality.


Each person is responsible in the fulfillment of their goals and colaborates with others to meet theirs. Our slogan is "how I can help you?". 

Mutual understanding

This produces the virtuous circle of synergy, at its maximum phase it allows the sharing of profits and continuous improvement.

Teamwork Philosophy

Getting people to integrate a team as they define their goals, sharing responsibilities and advancing by effective communication.


It is what gives value to our work and sets us apart from others, that value makes us profitable.


It's the spirit´s window which gives the human touch through an arduous workday, it compromises the achievement of goals, nurtures respect and fosters cooperation between customer - supplier.


“There’s a place for everything and everything has its place”, this projects the personality of the Carmi Group. Order in the work areas as well as in the ideas of our employees and managers.


In Carmi our actions are in good faith and seek always to produce the expected result. We provide consistent quality service in order to build trust in each operation and every product we deliver, to internal and external customers.


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